Monterey plugins

Plugin API

Plugins can implement various callbacks. In the above example, the getTiles callback was implemented to tell Monterey to add the "hello world" tile to the screen.

async evaluateProject(project)

When a project gets created (or added) to Monterey, the evaluateProject callback will be called and receives the project as the only argument. This asynchronous function can then gather information the project and add this information on the project object. The JSPM plugin implements this callback to look for a config.js file in the project's root directory. If it finds this file, the JSPM plugin will set the path of the config.js file on the project, so that it can be used in other parts of Monterey.

getTiles(project, showIrrelevant)

This synchronous function gets called every time Monterey is in the process of adding tiles to the screen. Based on the project, plugins can decide to return an array of tiles, which Monterey will then add to the screen. The showirrelevant reflects the state of the checkbox "show irrelevant tiles". The JSPM plugin uses this boolean to add the JSPM tile to the screen even though the project is not a JSPM project.

async onNewSession(state)

Whenever Monterey gets started for the first time, and a new session has been created, this callback will be called so that the plugin has the opportunity to fill the session with default values. The app-launcher plugin uses this callback to install default app-launchers.

async onProjectAdd(project)

This callback is called after the evaluateProject stage has been completed and the project has been added to Monterey.

async getProjectInfoSections(project)

The project information screen is composed:

Image 3

By implementing the getProjectInfoSections callback, each plugin can decide to add a section to this particular screen.

async getTaskBarItems(project)

This asynchronous callback is called whenever Monterey wants to render the taskbar. It allows plugins to add their own buttons to the taskbar, which is done by plugins such as the Taskmanager plugin and the Support plugin.

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