GistRun is defined as:

GistRun runs and edits GitHub Gists (surprise). GistRun is built with Aurelia, uses the GitHub API and is hosted on GitHub pages. CloudFlare provides DNS and Heroku hosts GistRun's integration with GitHub's OAuth web application flow. Many thanks to the providers of these free libraries and services!

GistRun is used within the Aurelia community for multiple use cases:

  • to reproduce issues
  • to try out things outside of a complex application
  • to help people by creating a simple example of a specific Aurelia feature

The GistRun tile in Monterey will lead you to GistRun page that contains the latest version of the Aurelia framework. So you don't have to look for the latest URL of the Aurelia GistRun template, you can just click the GistRun tile in Monterey.

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