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Sometimes you just want to share your project setup with others. Without Monterey, you would have to perform multiple actions in order to get an overview of your project's setup. Monterey helps you, by displaying everything Monterey knows about your project in a single screen. In order to make your life as an Aurelia developer easier, you can copy this information to your clipboard as Markdown, so you can share this information with others very quickly.

Monterey consists out of plugins such as a JSPM plugin, NPM plugin and more. Whenever a project gets opened in Monterey, all plugins have the opportunity to inspect the project, and each plugin can feed Monterey with information. For example, the JSPM plugin knows how to detect a JSPM project and it knows what information of JSPM projects is relevant. The project information screen is dynamically composed of all the information gathered by Monterey's plugins.

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