Monterey offers two basic types of support as indicated on the image 1 below:

  1. Documentation - (marker 1), providing references to three on-line documents:
  2. Problem reporting - (marker 2) see the next (Image 2) below for details

In addition, the support panel provides the user interface to start the live tour of the User Interface (marker 3).

Image 1

Problem reporting

Selecting the Report an issue tab (Image 2, marker 1) allows you to select between two options - real time chat in Gitter (marker 2) or problem reporting in Github (marker 3):

Image 2

Gitter chat room: this is the place to discuss your issues (not neccessary problems only) with other Monterey users and AureliaTools (folks that created Monterey) team members.

Image 3

Monterey issues: this is the place to create your problem reports by creating a GitHub issue.

Image 4

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